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  • Screening of all staff and actors temperature will be performed each day.

  • We will have hand sanitizing stations located throughout the grounds area(s).

  • Encouraging social distancing with posted areas throughout the queue line(s).

  • Face Masks are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, but not required! However, we do recommend wearing a face mask; while in the queue lines, when social distancing can sometimes be challenging.

  • All multi-touched surface areas and potential touch placements will be disinfected frequently throughout the night.

  • A FULL disinfecting of each scene/room will be performed at closing each night.



WWHA completely understands that every person feels differently about COVID-19, and we want to be able to relieve as much stress and anxiety as possible. Therefore, we want everyone who enters the attraction to get to enjoy a FUN, but SAFE visit! We believe in upholding guideline directed by the CDC, and as a thriving business, we will keep a positive motive above all; by working to keep each person safe while taking practical precautions. However, it is your responsibility to look after yourself; and take the proper measures that you as an individual want to take, by choosing whether or not to wear a mask, gloves, or deciding whether or not to visit WWHA this season!


As we have ALWAYS informed: we do not recommend this attraction to you if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, are pregnant, or have any other type of health conditions. We also do not recommend this attraction to to you if you are elderly, susceptible to illnesses, have underlying health conditions, or show any symptoms whatsoever of sickness.


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