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What is Whispering Woods Haunted Attraction?

Whispering Woods Haunted Attraction, is a walk-through your deepest, darkest fears. Taking all that you thought was left in the dark and start bringing them to life. As you walk through what seems to be never ending, with every turn; you find your fears staring you in the face, as you travel through - 16 of the things that scare you the most at night, that no longer hide in your closet or under your bed.  Quiet, loud, bloody, bright, blind, it's all here. Can you face your fears? - The trail is located in the woods, with special effects, sudden actions, stunning actors, and an all over scary environment.

Do you accept Credit Cards?


Does the trail change each year?

Absolutely! Every year you will experience a different theme with new scares!

Do you use strobe lights?

Yes! Strobe lights are in use; through-out the trail.

Is the trail suitable for children?

We recommend the age limit for 10 years and older. However, we will leave the parent/guardian to decide if the attraction is suitable to enter; for their child. - After purchasing tickets for admission; there will be NO REFUNDS, even if a child backs out before entering the attraction.

Is the trail suitable for people who are pregnant?

No. We do not recommend anyone whom is pregnant to walk the trail.  There are startle scares, fog, and many other frights; that may cause an sudden intense reaction.  This is a trail in the woods; therefore, there are roots, and possibly some uneven terrain that could make falling more prone for those whom are pregnant.

What type of trail is this?

The trail is similar to a hiking trail.  It does go up and down with the terrain. NEVER RUN!

What type of clothing is recommended for the attraction?

Close-toed shoes; such as: tennis shoes, boots etc. This trail does contain some uneven terrain; therefore, we ask that you do not wear any type of open-toed shoes; such as: flip-flops, sandals, crocs, etc. Also, nights in October can be rather chilly; we do recommend long sleeve shirts, and blue jeans for nights that call for cooler weather.

Will anyone touch me?

No. Do not touch the actors, and they will not touch you! Our actors have been very well trained; understanding all guidelines to follow. However, some locations through-out the attraction have very tight spaces. Therefore, it is possible to brush against a prop or actor.

Is the trail wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, no. There are a few up and down hill - locations, and uneven roots on the terrain. It would make it extremely difficult to operate a wheelchair through the trail.

Can inappropriate behavior or actions get me escorted off the trail/property?

YES! Alcohol, Intoxication of any-kind, Vulgar Behavior, Foul Language, Acts of Defense, or Weapons of any-kind; WILL have you escorted from the property! ABSOLUTELY, NO REFUNDS!

Will WWHA be open if it rains?

Make sure you FOLLOW US on Facebook, and stay updated with our website. We will post any information regarding delays from rain or unexpected closings.

Can I get a refund.. For not entering the attraction; after purchasing a ticket, or for being too scared to finish the entire attraction, OR just because I didn't like it?

No! We will not give refunds for any reason. We hope this is not an issue; due to offering such a FUN, SCARY, Fall event. We hope everyone enjoys their time here at Whispering Woods Haunted Attraction!

For any other questions; please, contact us!
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